Bad Breath

Among the many bad aspects of cigarette smoking is the impact it has on breath. Anybody who has spent time around smokers knows that oftentimes the odor of stale smoke is on their breath long after their last smoke. Breath mints and gums can help the problem but over time is can often become worse. In the past the only ways to prevent the bad breath caused by cigarette use has been to stop smoking.

Recently developed electronic cigarettes offer another option for cigarette smokers concerned about how their breath smells. Electronic cigarettes create nicotine vapor that does not have many of the harsh chemicals and tar of cigarette smoke. Users of electronic cigarettes enjoy many advantages compared to smokers of regular cigarettes, the effect on breath is just one.

Stained Teeth

Dentists recommend electronic cigarettes for people concerned about the effect that tobacco can have on tooth enamel and discoloration. Electronic cigarette vapor does not have the same damaging chemicals and tar that is found in regular cigarette smoke. Habitual use of tobacco can break down tooth enamel and make teeth appear yellow or even brown. Until recently the only way to avoid the tooth discoloration from smoking was to quit or to visit a dentist for costly whitening treatments.

Professional whitening treatments are expensive and there effectiveness varies. Electronic cigarette use has proven to be an affordable and effective way to prevent tooth discoloration. Make sure any electronic cigarette you use is clean and functioning properly to ensure no damage to tooth enamel.

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