Gamucci is a worldwide leader is in nicotine vaporization technology and was one of the first companies to market a successful e-cigarette around the the world.

Their patented – is used in all of their products including the Gamucci electronic cigarette to provide the same taste and sensations of regular cigarettes but without the harmful toxins and tar. Their machines are the end result of significant research into vaporizers and nicotine solutions. Gamucci electronic cigarette products have all been lab tested and verified as safe. If you are a cigarette smoker and want to avoid the danger and odor or cigarettes and e-cigarette could be the solution you are looking for.

Rechargeable and Disposable Electronic Alternatives

The Gamucci electronic alternatives include a variety information including their
  • rechargeable model,
  • one piece disposable e-cigarette,
  • variety of cartridge choices

The product offering from Gamucci is designed to fit any smokers needs whether a high daily dose of nicotine are or low dose.

  • The Continental is their disposable model and is the simplest and most convenient option. This uniquely designed machine is very easy to operate and is available in regular flavor.
  • Their most popular product is the rechargeable Micro model. It includes lightweight lithium ion batteries making it suitable for use anywhere.
  • Replacement cartridges can be ordered in a variety of nicotine strengths making this product appropriate for any nicotine habit.
If you are currently a tobacco user click here to visit the Gamucci site to find a product you can use instead of your current smoking method. All different types of tobacco users including cigarette smokers, pipe users, and cigar smokers have found satisfaction with these electronic smoking products.

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