Luci electronic cigarettes are noted for their quality construction and clean vapor delivery.

Tobacco use has a variety of unpleasant and harmful side effects apart from the serious health consequences.Cigarette smoking can stain teeth and leave an unpleasant odor on clothes and upholstery. To avoid these side effects of tobacco use many smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes. The Luci electronic cigarette is even recommended by dentists as a way to ingest nicotine without discoloring teeth. The Luci brand of electronic cigarette products are designed to give smokers a way to receive nicotine without many of the disadvantages of smoking. Luci electronic smoking devices:

  • use vaporization technology instead of an open flame
  • involve no tar or ash
  • are available in a variety of flavors
  • are perfect for smokers that do not want to give up nicotine but want to stop inhaling the many toxins in tobacco smoke

Starter Kit and Nicotine Solutions Available

The Luci electric cigarette can be used with a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. No matter what your level of tobacco use you can find a solution to fit your needs. To help smokers get started with their first e-cigarette the Luci company offers a variety of starter kits.
  • basic kit that includes the minimum required for a quality nicotine vaporization experience
  • deluxe kits that include additional chargers and refills
  • all kits come with a 30 day money back guarantee allowing smokers the chance to try the system at no risk

Many people are shocked at how close the Luci electronic cigarette is to a regular cigarette. Visit their site here and order for Luci Starter Kit for $20 off.

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