The Safe Cig is an electronic cigarette manufactured to be a safer alternative for tobacco users.

The Safe Cig uses vaporization technology to provide smokers with a way to ingest nicotine while simultaneously avoiding the many dangerous chemicals in tobacco smoke. The company offers a wide assortment of products and accessories to suit all smoking habits and preferences.
They recently released an improved atomizer design which the company insists offers a cleaner experience and saves money through increased efficiency. The nicotine vaporizers manufactured by The Safe Cig company are a good alternative for anyone rightly concerned with the health effects of smoking and second hand smoke.

Order the Starter Kit or Nicotine Solution Refills

There is a Starter Kit available through The Safe Cig web site that includes all the necessary tools for electronic smoking. The package includes
  • electronic cigarette machine
  • lithium ion battery
  • charger and adaptors
  • nicotine solution refills
Solutions are even offered in a variety of nicotine strengths for smokers looking to reduce their dependency over time. Aside from the health benefits The Safe Cig can also be used in many places where smoking is prohibited because it does not produce second hand smoke. Users of electronic cigarettes exhale what appears to be white smoke but it in reality only water vapor.

Visit the Safe Cig Site

The Safe Cig web site here has more information on nicotine vaporization and it’s many benefits over normal cigarette smoke.

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