Learn about the disposable, reusable, and cigar models of the Fifty One e-cigarette.

Vapor Corp based in the United States is the maker of the Fifty One electronic cigarette and associated products. Their device may look, feel, and even taste like a normal cigarette when smoked it involved no flame are tar. Instead of breathing in and exhaling smoke and carcinogens electronic cigarette use specifically engineered nicotine solutions that results in “smoke” consisting of little more than water vapor.
The Fifty One e-cigarette can be used indoors and many other places where regular cigarettes are banned and are an effective way for tobacco users to get their nicotine fix.

Extensive Product Offering for All Smokers

The Vapor Corp offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of any smoker.
  • most popular product is their rechargeable electronic cigarette
  • runs on a lightweight lithium ion battery and can be taken anywhere
  • several charging options available which make it easy to use this electronic cigarette in your home, car, or office
Smokers that do not want to be bothered with rechargeable vaporization kits can use the Krave Disposable cigarette. These one use devices are preloaded with your choice of flavored solution and can be used anywhere at anytime. Tobacco users that prefer cigars can try the Fifty One electronic cigar that comes bundled with cigar strength solution cartridges.
You can visit the Smoke Fifty One online store here and explore their entire product offering.

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