southbeachsmoke electric cigarette The electronic cigarette business has taken off in recent years with people realizing the many benefits that these e cigs can give them. And since this boom in the market, there has been many brands that have sprouted up all over the place. So much so that most people have a hard time in choosing just which brand that they want to try. One of the top five brands that is out there is the SouthBeachSmoke cigs. The SB electronic cigarette is one that has a lot of technology behind the way in which it works. Inside of the SB ecig is a battery that serves as basically the brain of the e cig. The person will find that the SB cigs battery is the way in which the e cig ‘lights up’, sends the nicotine to the person and so forth.

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Those that have never used a SB cig before are going to find that it is rather simple, they simply put their mouth to the filer of the e cig and inhale. This triggers the e cig to start up and upon the next inhale they are going to get that nicotine and when they exhale they will simply be putting out waterless vapor into the air. This is probably one of the most talked about attributes in the many SB cigs reviews that are out there and written by those that have actually tried the product. The ease of use, is just one reason why the SBcigs come recommended by many of those that try this. Also, people like the fact that they can find a SB cigs discount to use in order these to make the deal a bit more sweeter.

One of the aspects that is covered in the many SB cigs review that people read is the fact that they offer some great benefits for those that stay customers with them and sign up for their Home Delivery system. When the person signs up they get the guarantee of having new SB cigs cartridges sent directly to their door for free shipping costs. And they are going to find that with being a member of the SB program that they also get some great discounts throughout the year on other products as well. And it starts with twenty five percent off of their cartridges that are ordered through the Home Delivery system.

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Another aspect that is pointed out in most SB cig review is the fact that the company is one that is going to honor its military members with a free start up kit. This is something that past military members and current military members can take advantage of in order to try for themselves the SB cigarette that is causing so much hype on the market. Those military members that want to take advantage of this simply order their kit, then when they receive the kit they will find the SB cigs promo code that directs them to the rebate center. After filing out some paperwork and then mailing this back in, they are reimbursed for the amount that they spend for the starter kit, which is usually around thirty dollars without any SB cigs coupon code to use.

So just what can one expect to find with the SBcig starter kit? They will obviously get the SB cigs case in order to carry these e cigs around to ensure that they do not get damaged and are no longer able to work. Depending on which type of starter kit that the person gets, will really depend on what they are getting. However, the basic starter kit includes the battery, the atomizer, which is what creates the vapor that people are liking about these e cigs, the wall charger for the battery, and they get six nicotine cartridges, and this equals around six packs of regular cigarettes. The person can choose the flavor of cartridges that they want, whether this be regular, menthol, or even the other designer flavors that they offer such as cherry or vanilla. And the simple starter kit is only around thirty dollars. Of course, for those that are wanting to get more with their kit, they will find that the prices can go up towards one hundred dollars, but they get more cartridges and variety with the bigger kits.

So what are real people saying about the SB e cig? Most people state that the urge that they have when they are wanting to smoke is satisfied with one puff off of the SB e cigarette. The way that the nicotine hits into their system is something that most people feel compared to the real thing on the best level possible, without the side-effects of all the others things that come along with smoking the real cigarette since the pure nicotine seems to hit the mark better than the regular cigarette. Other people point out that they can go the entire day with one SB cigarette battery full charged, which is something that they believe cannot be found with the other brands that are out there.

Overall, for those that are wanting an affordable e cigarette to help in giving up their addiction to regular cigarettes and the harmful chemicals that come along with this, then they will find that the SouthBeachSmoke e cigarettes are something that they are going to want to look into since it can save them money and save their health in the long run.

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