The market for e cigarettes is something that has branched out recently and with all the publicity that these cigarettes are getting, most people are wondering about the e cigarettes health issues that may or may not be addressed by some companies.

Most people know how the electronic cigarette works, in that it delivers nicotine to the person and the person then exhales a harmless vapor into the air that is safer for all those around the person to breathe. So safe in fact that the e cig can be smoked in public venues, cars, and homes without the repercussions that real cigarettes offer. This is one of the biggest benefits of e cigs and is still one of the biggest debates around the e cigarette.

Studies have shown that the nicotine in these e cigs are going to curb the craving that people are having when they do put the real cigarette down to smoke these. Therefore, one e cigarette side-effect is getting addicted to the e cig. Which is something that non smokers need to be made aware of. Those that have never had nicotine can develop an addiction to this after smoking e cigs. This is something that is really meant for those that already smoke.

The e cigarette FDA approval is still something that is not there. They are going to find that this is a huge e cigarette health risk that some people cannot get over. Right now, the FDA is not regulated how much nicotine goes into these products and this is something that speaks red flags to some people. However, with that being said, independent studies have been done in order to find out if these e cigs are dangerous. Most of them have found that aside from the nicotine addiction that can happen because of these e-cigs there has been nothing reported that shows that electronic cigarette side-effects can affect the person in a negative way, thus, most consider these products safe to use in order to quit or simply get away from the traditional cigarette.

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