Quitting smoking is at the top of quite a few to do lists this year, and for good reason. Smoking and tobacco cause an immeasurable amount of damage to both smokers and the people they love the most. You are more likely to get cancer, heart disease, have high blood pressure, or die before reaching the age of sixty from pretty much anything. Plus, children of smokers are much likelier to pick up the habit than are children of non smokers, and if that isn’t a good enough incentive to quit I don’t know what is.

Why Smokeless Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking?

Many smokers try desperately to quit, only to find that their cigarette cravings get the better of them after only a few days.
This leaves the smoker discouraged and, surprise, still a smoker, and no closer to breaking the habit. I have been told that quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin use; nicotine is more addictive then even this powerful drug. I believe it, but with the smokeless cigarette taking you down step by step, you have a chance to succeed at last, banishing your own dragon and taking back control of your addiction and life. Smokeless cigarettes have a choice of cartridges containing different amounts of nicotine. They taste just like the real thing, and feel just like the real thing because they are the real thing, simply without to harmful toxic garbage associated with traditional cigarettes. They are sort of the kinder, gentler cigarette ofthe future, and have safety features to keep you from ingesting too much nicotine, no traditional cigarette has that.

They are also way easier to keep away from those pesky kids, just about every middle school to high school child has at least tried a cigarette, and you want to be darn sure it’s not one of yours. They can’t steal your one smoking device, anyone would notice that, and it would stick out like a sore thumb anyway. Keeping cigarettes away from minors is a priority for every smoker I know, and with laws cracking down on this stuff kids are always looking for an opportunity to snatch the things. I even knew kids who didn’t smoke; they just stole them from their parents and sold them at school. Not possible with an electronic cigarette, it cuts the biggest problem with being a smoking parent off at the knees.

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