Are you tired of hearing complaints from the people around you regarding your smoking habits? Do you know that with every stick of an ordinary cigarette, you are already inhaling thousands of unfamiliar chemicals and carcinogens? The electric cigarette is the smokeless, odorless solution that is guaranteed to give you your daily nicotine fix.

Are you tired of looking for a place where you can freely smoke indoors? The convenient and affordable smokeless electric cigarette is slowly gaining popularity among smokers from the US and Europe. These e-cigarettes have cartridges that contain nicotine and flavoring and are equivalent to a pack of ordinary cigarettes.

Being actually tobacco-free, this electric cigarette is tobacco flavored so you won’t be deprived of that old taste you usually crave in an ordinary cigarette. Not only that, it also emits a harmless vapor that is clear and harmless while making smoking indoors possible. To prevent overheating, the e-cigarette has an airflow sensor with LED that lights up whenever you use it with a timed cut-off.

There are three sizes for you to choose from according to the length and the content of nicotine it could take: small, medium, and large. The small one is the most suitable for those who want to control their smoking because it holds the least nicotine while looking like the real cigarette because of its size and weight. Moderate smokers need to get the medium-sized electric cigarette because it can hold more nicotine while still looking elegant and savvy.

For those who want an electric cigarette that can hold the greatest amount of nicotine, the large one is most suitable because it is the most affordable although a little heavy. Despite its benefits, most people are still bothered by the existence of electric cigarettes because most products sold in the market still don’t have the required health warnings. Also, the refillable cartridges have different flavors like chocolate and strawberry which could entice youngsters to develop a smoking habit.

While an ordinary cigarette contains thousands of unknown chemicals that could cause severe damage to the body, all the chemicals in the electric cigarette are known to be safer than the usual. With the continually rising tobacco taxes, you will be saving money by purchasing the gadget because you would only need to get the refillable cartridges to supply your smoking needs. Totally free of clingy odor and second-hand smoke, you may enjoy your e-cigarette indoors without having to bother the people around you.

The electric cigarette is known to be quite safe because of its carefully crafted alert system which prevents the gadget from overheating. The systems are also made to make the smoker knowledgeable of the amount of nicotine he is inhaling. So if you’re going for portion control or want to quit smoking eventually, this product could also be good for you because the contents are carefully measured.

Unlike your ordinary cigarette stick, this gadget cuts the health risks you and your loved ones get from regular smoking. Being electric, you no longer need to look after your cigarette butts and ashes filling one ashtray after the other. If you want to continue smoking without being bothered by the smoke and the waste, using an electric cigarette is the healthiest and most practical way to do so.

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