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Now that most of you have got your way…most states either put the smoking ban in effect or in the process of going smoke free. How would you feel if you were out and about and see someone in a facility smoking an electronic cigarette? It looks, feels, and tastes like the real thing,, but minus everything that you anti-smokers complain about. No second hand, no smoke/burning, no smell, no toxic chemicals emitting in the air. The electronic cigarette has nothing that what started this smoking ban domino effect. So why are more and more places adding this to the ban? It is not a tobacco product! All it is is water vapor (to give the smoke look effect) that dissipates in the air almost instantly and nicotine (a non carcinogen, non tar, non toxin that you will not inhale through second hand) We all agreed to your terms and found an alternative, but you still have to complain. What is up with that? Do you just need something to complain about? We agreed (well with not a lot of choice) so quit your complaining and allow us to have the alternative.

Sorry Julius, I had no idea that your cock was in my mouth in the first place.
This is for Missy. If you are a non smoker you have no idea how hard it is to quit. Just like I stated in my question…we have found an alternative. It has no cancer causing agents, no tar. Nothing in this electronic cigarette will kill or harm us. There is no you will no longer have to smell us because there is no odor. So before you lecture us, why don’t you read the question at hand in it’s entire before you go on about something that is not even relevant. All those things you complained about in your response…I stated an alternative that covers all of your complaints. But non smokers are blind by that I guess.

to the other person…go on line and look up You now can order them in the united states :)

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