Most top harm reduction experts and doctors agree that the electronic cigarette could squash the ill effects that tobacco causes smokers. Some of these experts have made public statements that claim that most respiratory illnesses would go away in just a few short years if all smokers would switch to the e cigarette. The benefits to the already strained health care system would be great since the experts expect so much suffering from smokers to slow to almost nothing or even stop overall, opening tax revenues and health professionals time up for better use of resources.

While e cigarette companies can not advertise or market their e cigarette starter kits as safer or healthier, there are many doctors and harm reduction experts that are speaking out against the unwarranted push against the e cigarette by anti smoking groups that refuse to listen to common sense or logic concerning the e cigarette.The claims of enticing children to smoke using the e cigarette is not factual, as it is not factual that fruit flavored wines or edible fruit flavored underwear contribute to alcoholism or premarital sexual relationships among children and or teens.

The same anti-smoking groups that are casting stones at the e cigarette for having flavors are 100% in support of fruit flavored nicotine replacement products that are offered by the same pharmaceutical companies that fund them. They continue to support a full ban on the e cigarette, even though the e cigarette has almost 4,000 less chemicals than tobacco, and offers no combusted tobacco into the lungs. These 4,000 chemical along with the combusted nature of the tobacco being inhaled deep into the lungs contribute to almost 400,000 deaths in the U.S. alone each year according to health professionals. Looking at where the opposition is funded from, and the stance they are taking, is it any wonder that they are being scrutinized more by the public and health industry than the e cigarette?

The e liquid, or solution that is vaporized has been a crying point for special interest groups also. There have been multiple claims that nobody knows what is in this e liquid as they spread misinformation to the general public and lawmakers alike as they try to get legislation passed that would eliminate the electronic cigarette by legal bans. There have been many studies from government accredited labs across the globe that states that the e cigarette is 100 to 1,000 times safer than traditional cigarettes, and that they are indeed much safer for both the smoker and they bystanders, since there is no second hand smoke.

When the facts are looked at, there is no reason to doubt the health care professionals take on the e cigarette, and that there needs to be a closer look at the reasons the pharmaceutical company funded special interest groups are pushing the agenda they openly choose to push.

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