Smoking has many detrimental effects on the body and many smokers are well aware of the fact. However, many find that this habit is hard to break despite many attempts to do so. It can affect your health as well as negatively affect your physical well being in many ways.

The diseases commonly associated with smoking are cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, cataracts, stroke, and emphysema. Even those who do not smoke but are frequently exposed to second hand smoke are also susceptible to acquire such diseases. If randomly question a group smokers whether they are aware of such grave facts on smoking, almost all of them will most likely say yes.

On the other hand, many smokers eventually express the desire to quit the habit once they start to experience the side effects of smoking. However, it is not that easy to quit smoking. The process of withdrawing from the habit of smoking takes time. And once a person finally overcomes the addiction from smoking, it is possible for one to still encounter cravings, which might lead to reoccurring of the smoking habit.

After quitting the habit, cigarette smoking cravings will most likely trigger. These cravings will come and go, hence, it is best to wait for these urges to pass every time temptations to smoke trigger. However, when a person’s cravings are strong, waiting for them to pass is useless. The best thing to do in this situation is to develop a coping plan or strategy, in which an ex-smoker should follow in order to get through the urges of smoking again.

To cope with these cravings, you can take these few steps. Number one, you must have a strong compelling reason to quit smoking. Hold on to the reason every time the urge arises. Secondly, keep yourself physically busy until the urge disappears.

Thridly, drink a lot of water can also help to make the cravings to pass, for keeping the body well hydrated minimizes the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Next, you need to keep your body relaxed and calm once the smoking cravings trigger. Taking a warm bubble bath, reading a book, as well as meditating are perfect ways to keep the body relaxed. Lastly, you can munch on oral substitutes until the craving passes.

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