Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do with millions of people trying to kick the habit only to return to the cigarettes weeks or months later but now with the help of the electronic cigarette it may be the perfect time to quit. During this particular article we will explore what exactly is a electronic cigarette, the benefits of this quit smoking product and of course how to quit smoking with the help of a e-cigarette.

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette looks exactly like a real cigarette without the flame. The item contains a mouthpiece or filter which is connected to the atomizer which contains a tiny heating device and is connected to the battery section which contains both micro technology and a rechargeable battery. The nicotine cartridge is placed in the filter and a wide variety of strengths are available. When the e-cigarette is turned on and the person inhales a vapor goes into their mouth similar as the smoke from a real cigarette although the vapor from this product quickly evaporates in seconds leaving no smell or smoke like a typical smoke. One nicotine cartridge is the equivalent to fifteen to twenty real cigarettes and the charge will typically last all day.

The benefits from a electronic cigarette is a pretty long list so we are going to start at the top of the list. E-Cigarettes do not contain the tar and other chemicals which are associated with a normal cigarette that are believed to cause all sorts of cancers and a number of lung related diseases associated with smoking. This particular quit smoking product also has no second hand smoke which is a huge problem with smoking as it may lead to a number of health problems for the people around those who smoke. With the electronic cigarette there is no smell, no yellowing of the teeth, no nicotine stains and the e-cigarettes can be used in places where smoking has been banned such as restaurants and bars.

When it comes to quit smoking there are a lot of factors that cause difficulty for the smoker. The first of which is nicotine withdrawal which can be solved with electronic cigarettes that come with a number of nicotine cartridges of a variety of strengths making the quitting process a lot more easier. A lot of smokers when they are trying to quit complain that they have nothing to do with their hands and mouths for smoking is a routine habit that gets burned into the back of our brains but with a e-cigarette nothing really changes when we switch over as it has the same taste and feel. A normal quit smoking routine involving smokers is to switch from a normal cigarette to a electronic cigarette alternating each time and over a period start using this quit smoking product more often than the real thing where in the end you are just using the e-cigarette.

In order to quit smoking successfully it comes down to mindset and having the right tools. Whether you are committed to quit smoking or are looking for a healthier alternative than the e-cigarette may be the key to your success

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