Quitting smoking is not an easy task to do but there are several ways you can do to start on this journey. First off, you need to keep a strong and focus mind. Then, you can try out a few methods like the following.

You start to track your progress using a dairy. Write down the times when you have strong feelings for a puff of smoke. Next step is to refrain yourself from visiting any smoking places. Above all, refuse the offer of cigarettes from any friends. To keep your mind off smoking, you can occupy yourself with a lot of activities.

You can remind yourself the danger of smoking by hanging a picture of a blackened lung near the place you can see it easily. For daily routines, you can perform some kind of affirmations so that you will not deviate from your goals. Some people will bite their fingernails as a substitute for the cigarette but you must resist the urge to do so. If you have given your all and still make no progress, it is time to do get help. Do not think that you can complete the tasks by yourself as the addictions can be long lasting. This makes it even more difficult to quit at a later stage.

There are many commercial products out there to help you in your search for a cure. Everything from nicotine replacement therapy which includes patches, tablets, inhalers, lozenges, gum, sprays, behavioral support and monitoring. In active treatment groups, nicotine replacement therapy was given to two groups, one getting actual nicotine replacement while the other group received a placebo. The results were encouraging. In the actual replacement group, twice as many quit smoking than in the placebo group.

You may feel that you have not fulfilled your promise of quitting smoking but you must stay on the course. There may be a day when medical research has successfully found an easy solution to your smoking problems. Until then, you need to exert a high level of determination and persistence to quit smoking. It helps too if you have a balanced diet, regular exercise and condition you mind to be strong. If you have children, do not let them even to start smoking.

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