Electronic Cigarette is the brand new innovation and scores much higher than the traditional cigarettes in health matters. The fact that electronic cigarettes contain no tar make them duly safe and secure for smoking anywhere. The introduction of electronic cigarettes are also an important step for those who always wanted to get rid of the drastic smoking habits but were so far unable to find a concrete way for the same.

Tar is a very toxic substance that affects the human lungs due to regular smoking. Your mouth could smell badly due to the heavy consumption of carbon monoxide contained in the tar, it could even cause life threatening diseases such as emphysema and cancer. The electronic cigarette is thankfully free of tar.

FDA, the Food and Drugs Administration along with famous universities and scientists, all have tested the contents of the electronic cigarettes. Most of them were of the mind to find some toxic constituents in this new innovation. But to their surprise, out of 577 chemicals present in the traditional cigarette, none has been found in the electronic cigarette. Moreover, the vapors coming out of it hinder the growth of respiratory diseases when in the air. With such positive results, the FDA was left with no choice but to allow the electronic cigarettes to be labeled as safe and be easily available in the public places alongside eatables. You can now enjoy guilt free smoking everywhere.

With such encouraging test results carried out by the prolific scientific and administrative agencies, the electronic cigarette has proved well to its reputation. It is indeed much healthier and eco-friendly as compared to the traditional cigarette with no smoke at all. The electronic cigarettes are perhaps the best alternative to the traditional cigarettes owing to their beneficial consequences on human body. The addicts could soon be relieved from their habit with guilt free smoking everywhere of the electronic cigarettes.

One can only assume this controversy is caused more by the stigma attached to the word cigarette and not because of any actual scientific fact.

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