Safe Cigarette? Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? An untrue story with a pleasing ending. Since the development of cigarettes, there has yet to be one that was considered safe by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks to recent progress in technology, a safe cigarette is now a reality.

The Safe Cig is not your traditional cigarette though. It is an electronic smoking alternative. Using micro electronic technologies and atomization it is still able to provide the chemical that keeps you coming back for more. The reason it is so hard to quit smoking; nicotine.

Nicotine is the explanation as to why it has been so hard to quit smoking for so long. Any device you find nowadays to aid in the quitting smoking course has some way to distribute nicotine to your body. This is what your body pines for. This is what you keep coming back for.

Here’s your safe choice. Using an atomized cartridge packed with liquid nicotine concentrate. The cartridge is then attached to an atomizer inside the Safe Cig and creates an inhalation vapor from the concentrate. The good thing about that is: no flames. No having to search for a lighter and no smoke entering your lungs or the lungs of those nearest and dearest to you.

Standard cigarette smoke bursting at the seams with almost five thousand known chemicals. Five thousand chemicals enter your body with one simple draw of a cigarette. Multiply that by however many puffs per cigarette you have, then by the 20 cigarettes in the pack. That’s a lot of rubbish to permit into your body. What’s worse is that 69 of those chemicals are acknowledged as causing cancer. That’s only sixty-nine of them, who knows about the other couple of thousand chemicals.

By using the Safe Cig, one is able to gracefully step down the amount of nicotine one receives. Not only does it eliminate so many of the other harmful chemicals, Safe Cigs are available with different amounts of nicotine in them. It also monitors how much nicotine has been consumed and will never allow you to take in more than what is considered a healthy amount.

As soon as anywhere between fourteen to sixteen drags have been taken off the Safe Cig, it will then go into hibernation. It shuts itself down and cannot be powered up again until it is okay to take in more nicotine. Being available in different potency allows you the freedom to take in less and less chemical until you feel you need it no longer. Nicotine is not the product in cigarettes that causes cancer and emphysema. It’s just what keeps you coming back to the product that does. Until now, Safe Cig.

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