Most smokers these days view the new “no smoking policies” of restaurants, bars, and public places as a great inconvenience. Some even feel that these policies are a form of discrimination. If you are a smoker, then you are aware that the craving for nicotine can strike at any time. Now it is possible to smoke anywhere without actually having to smoke thanks to electronic cigarettes.

These cigarettes were first developed in China in late 2003 by a Beijing based company called SBT Co. Ltd. In April 2006, they were introduced and marketed in Europe. Since their development and release on the market, these electronic cigarettes have become a hit worldwide.

Since these cigarettes do not require being lit, and produce no fire or flame, they are smokeless. They use an alternate route for delivering its nicotine. They also eliminate the hazards of second hand smoke since they produce no smoke of their own. These little devices instead deliver their nicotine through vapors.

The best thing about electronic cigarettes is that they are reusable, which means they save you money! Have you ever run out of cigarettes before, only to go to a store to purchase more? Or have you ever purchased a pack of cigarettes and discovered that the cost of them has increased? Well electronic cigarettes can eliminate that extra expense, and as an added bonus they are convenient. Thanks to these you will never have to leave your desk at work for another smoke break ever again.

The atomizer is powered by a battery source which is usually a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Most models also have a LED light that attaches to the end of the cigarette shaft. This LED lights up during inhalation to indicate that it is in use, as well as to imitate the effect of that of a regular cigarette. This is an important key element for those who use the electronic cigarette to try to help them selves quit smoking.

Some models of electronic cigarettes sold come with a built in automatic release feature for the nicotine vapor. This feature allows the housing unit to detect when inhalation is taking place, and allows it to release the vapors of solution. Some of the older models came with a manual feature. This feature required the user to push and hold down a button when inhaling in order for the vapors to be released and inhaled.

The nicotine is housed in the mouthpiece. Some of the mouthpieces are disposable while others can be used time and time again because they are refillable. The mouthpiece acts as a cartridge for housing the nicotine. These cartridges can be purchased in lights, ultra lights, and regular in both menthol and non menthol. They even come in flavors like coffee, mint, vanilla, orange, and strawberry. This seems to interest a lot more people because not everyone likes the taste that nicotine can leave in your mouth.

If you are trying to use electronic cigarettes to kick the habit of smoking, there are vapor cartridges available to wean you off of nicotine. These are available in medium, low, and no nicotine whatsoever. Regardless as to whether or not you are intending on kicking the habit, or if you don’t like the smell that smoking cigarettes leave behind then electronic cigarettes are a great investment for you.

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