►Hotel Room Service◄ asked: i want to quit but i cant cold turkey… i am thinking of buying the electronic cigarette, i am depressed but i do try not to smoke a lot, should i congratulate myself that from 2 packs i managed to do only 8 /day ??? thanks ! And don’t start telling [...]

www.smoke51.com Smoking reforms are everywhere. Isn’t about time the cigarette experienced some innovations of its own? Meet Smoke-51, an amazing new product that offers smokers just like you the chance to meet the needs of the cravings without sacrificing your health and without having to be segregated based on your desire to smoke.By: SmokeAnywhereUSAAbout the [...]

Meg asked: I am a smoker and I have just stumbled upon the electronic cigarette. For those of you that do not know what that is allow me to explain. They are cigarettes that have a battery and no tobacco. You switch out the filter part and put new flavors in that are also mixed [...]

Sparkey400 asked: A boxing show under the new electronic cigarette Products Mini Red Dragon. Part 2 and complete review can be found in Part 2 of www.electroniccigarettereview.com video can be found at www.youtube.com

gamucci786 asked: Een video higlighting hoe de revolutionaire Gamucci Elektronische Sigaret / E-Sigaret / E-Cig werken. Verkrijgbaar in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en througout Europa. Meer info hier: www.e-cigarettes.blogspot.com

ilykid7 asked: http://www.lightinthebox.com/Electronic-cigarette-SKE8084C-Paper-box-package_p51139.html or is heavensgifts a good website please help me

joshme17 asked: Smoking kills almost five million people each year. Smoking not only harms you, but other people around you. Also, discarded cigarettes start most fires. Smoking is dangerous for everyone. Smoking kills 45 people every hour. It is estimated every cigarette takes twelve minutes off your life. 1/6 of the worlds population smokes. Smoking [...]

Ryan asked: I got the Health E-Cigarette yesterday and it has been charing for about 12 hours now. i have taken it off every few hours to see if there is even a hint of smoke/vapor or something. and nothing!!! i dont know wuts wrong.. its a cheap one, since its my first one is [...]

ツ Petar asked: http://iwantoneofthose.com/gadgets-gizmos/pocket-gadgets/gamucci-micro-electronic-cigarette/index.html

Shea asked: Ehh, smoking while drinking….but i hate the idea of smoking/tar inside my lungs and i do not want to be addicted to nicotine, so would a electronic cigarette with no nicotine in it be a good idea to take up that “empty hand” ?

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