gamucci786 asked: Een video higlighting hoe de revolutionaire Gamucci Elektronische Sigaret / E-Sigaret / E-Cig werken. Verkrijgbaar in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en througout Europa. Meer info hier:

Zach asked: How many cigarettes would you have to smoke in order to do damage to your body and/or become sick. And same for cigars? And what the hell is with these electronic cigarettes? What happens when you smoke them? Does smoke come out, does it simulate smoking an actual cigarette? Please keep your personal [...]

yousayWHA? asked: I want to try Gamucci, the smokless electronic cigarettes, because I need something to take the edge off my day. So, that cuts out the tar and 4k+ chemicals that they add to cigarettes, but the nicotine itself…what are it’s affects? I’m overweight (working out though, eating healthy, so hopefully that will change), [...]

SunnyInPhiladelphia asked: there are these new devices out that are really starting to catch on in the US now with are called “electronic cigarettes”. They look just like real cigarettes (the new mini models anyway), and they satisfy all of the major parts of smoking (inhalation of “smoke”, or water-vapour anyway, taste, nicotine, etc) but [...]

sappy asked: I have this Electronic set of cigarettes that you can smoke anywhere. Its the special edition…..I dont know where to sell it!?who do u think will want to buy it? its very cool actually.

ECigaretteVideos asked: Blu Elektroniczny Papieros weryfikacja Video This is perfect Elektroniczny przegląd Papierosy elektronicznej Blu Zestaw startowy papierosa. W tym przeglądzie możemy wchodzić w szczegóły, co otrzymujesz z elektronicznych Blu Zestaw startowy papierosa i jak wstaje z pozostałych elektronicznych zestawów startowych papierosów, które są dostępne na rynku. Blu startowy zestaw elektroniczny papieros jest tylko [...]

Sasha asked: my mom was looking to use blucigs electronic cigarettes and i was wondering if they worked from someone who has used them.

xtra0 asked: I’m traveling from the UAE to the Philippines with a 3-hour stop over in Singapore. I’ll have cigarettes and electronic items in my check-in luggage. Is it true that I will still be fined even if I’m just in transit? Even if I have an outgoing flight and I’m not actually bringing the [...]

Sweet Fairy asked: electronic cigarettes? you know those that only produce smoke but have no nicotine and could help stop smoking. I live in Tampa

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