No Tar Created Smoking is considered by many people to be a very dirty habit due in large measure to the toxins and tar associated with tobacco smoke. It is the tar produced by cigarettes that can accumulate on lungs and indoors. Electronic cigarettes are a way for smokers to ingest nicotine but without the [...]

Bad Breath Among the many bad aspects of cigarette smoking is the impact it has on breath. Anybody who has spent time around smokers knows that oftentimes the odor of stale smoke is on their breath long after their last smoke. Breath mints and gums can help the problem but over time is can often [...]

The market for e cigarettes is something that has branched out recently and with all the publicity that these cigarettes are getting, most people are wondering about the e cigarettes health issues that may or may not be addressed by some companies.

I’ve been smoking since I was 20 years old and at 28, I ‘m currently feeling the slow and unrelenting decay it has been causing on my body. I decided that it was time to stop smoking, my family needs me. So I took it upon myself to try one of these so-called “electronic cigarettes”. Being the skeptic that I am, I then personally took the time to evaluate and discover the best electronic cigarette in the market. It was not an easy task, I practically knew nothing about electronic cigarettes and I had some issues about the whole concept. Furthermore, I somehow couldn’t grapple with the idea of smoking without smoke. In my book, smoking without combustion is not smoking at all. But still, I just had to try.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is almost always caused by being exposed to asbestos. In this illness, malignant cells develop in the mesothelium, a protecting lining that covers the majority of the body’s internal organs. Its commonest site is the pleura ( outer liner of the lungs and internal chest wall ), but it may also occur in the peritoneum ( the lining of the abdominal cavity ), the heart, the pericardium ( a sac that surrounds the heart ) or tunica vaginalis.

Smoking can result in various diseases. This should be the cause for quitting smoking. A lot of people know this. Nevertheless, do not really know all the health problems that smoking may possibly cause. In this article, we will discuss how smoking can affect your wellness.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer which usually occurs on the outer surface of the lungs, and most who are diagnosed have been in prolonged contact with asbestos, although it can occur in those who have never been exposed .

Surgery for lung cancer (LC) was once performed exclusively through thoracotomy. A long incision was made into the patient’s chest. Then, the ribs were either cut and removed, or spread apart to provide the surgeon with enough working space within the chest cavity. This was the approach taken for wedge resections (removal of a portion of the tissue) lobectomies (removal of a lobe), and pneumonectomies (removal of an entire lung).

Over 85% of diagnosed cases of lung cancer (LC) are attributable to smoking tobacco products. Given that, it is surprising that many people (including those who are directly exposed to cigarette smoke) remain unaware of how the habit influences the onset of the disease. Most people understand the connection; they recognize that smoking can increase the likelihood of developing cancerous cells. Yet, their understanding seldom extends further.

The survival rate among those who suffer from lung cancer (LC) drops sharply as the disease progresses. If the condition is diagnosed while it is still in Stage I, and treatment begins immediately, the five-year survival rate climbs above 75%. On the other hand, if the illness reaches Stage IV, there is only a 10% probability of survival. This is the reason doctors recommend learning how to identify the symptoms of the disease. The more quickly you do so, the greater the chances the cancerous cells can be eliminated.

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