In the human body, the pleural cavity is the cavity that surrounds the lungs. The pleura is a membrane which basically folds back to create two layers. The space created between these two layers is what is known as the pleural cavity. Normally there is some fluid found in this cavity. The outer pleura, also known as the parietal pleura, is attached to the thoracic wall. The inner pleura, or visceral pleural, is found over the lungs and related blood vessels, nerves and bronchi.

Now more than ever, having healthy lungs is critical for healthy living. After all, our environment is being loaded with toxins that assault your pulmonary health on a daily basis. And recall that oxygen is required to produce energy.

Shea asked: Ehh, smoking while drinking….but i hate the idea of smoking/tar inside my lungs and i do not want to be addicted to nicotine, so would a electronic cigarette with no nicotine in it be a good idea to take up that “empty hand” ?