No Tar Created Smoking is considered by many people to be a very dirty habit due in large measure to the toxins and tar associated with tobacco smoke. It is the tar produced by cigarettes that can accumulate on lungs and indoors. Electronic cigarettes are a way for smokers to ingest nicotine but without the [...]

If you quit smoking today, your body will start thanking you tomorrow. Well, actually it will start to thank you after 20 minutes. Thats the time it takes, before you begin to heal.

Tobacco, cigarette and nicotine addiction is responsible for nearly 500,000 deaths per year in the USA and almost 5 million worldwide. Realizing early in my medical career that the prescribing of nicotine and dangerous medications for my patients did not work, I developed a science-based, rational, effective and natural treatment that I have prescribed for decades to thousands of patients. I spend a lot of time educating every smoking patient about the science of basic brain chemistry so that they can choose to not become the next to die of cancer, heart and lung disease.

There is a brand new invention that everyone who smokes should know about. It’s called the electronic cigarette, also known as a smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette, and it is changing the legal landscape for cigarette smokers around the world.

ecigsuk asked: To jest mini, trochę dłuższy niż Super mini na 11,5 cm. Bardzo dobry koń pociągowy zapewnić Państwu, że bardzo potrzebne poprawki nikotyny!. Podobnie jak wszystkie electronc papierosów jedyną rzeczą, która daje mu daleko jest brak tego clawing zapach tytoniu i palenia biernego i można palić it anywhere!

xxxxxxx asked: What is a SmokeStik? A SmokeStik is a revolutionary device that resembles a traditional cigarette and fully recreates the smoking experience, including “smoke,” without any harmful side effects. It is a clean alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. It is free of carbon monoxide, tar, and the cancer-causing chemicals found in traditional cigarettes and [...]

Meg asked: I am a smoker and I have just stumbled upon the electronic cigarette. For those of you that do not know what that is allow me to explain. They are cigarettes that have a battery and no tobacco. You switch out the filter part and put new flavors in that are also mixed [...]

Trooper asked: My boyfriend has been a smoker for the past 3 years. He used to smoke numerous cigarettes a day but now with my help he has cut down to 3 a day. We were at the mall and saw a store that had the electronic cigarette. for those of you who don’t know [...]

yousayWHA? asked: I want to try Gamucci, the smokless electronic cigarettes, because I need something to take the edge off my day. So, that cuts out the tar and 4k+ chemicals that they add to cigarettes, but the nicotine itself…what are it’s affects? I’m overweight (working out though, eating healthy, so hopefully that will change), [...]

Boleyn asked: There is a new, electronic cigarette that emits microscopic droplets of nicotine when you inhale via a cartridge inserted into the fake cigarette. The vapor trail is “for looks only and is harmless to anyone near you” and the end lights up orange “just for looks”. It’s about $89.95 and is run on [...]

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