GreenSmoke new tobacco gold cartomizers

GreenSmoke is incredibly excited about the release around here, as the new Tobacco Gold™ flavor introduces one of the finest and most sophisticated tobacco flavors to the e-cigarette market.

Trooper asked: My boyfriend has been a smoker for the past 3 years. He used to smoke numerous cigarettes a day but now with my help he has cut down to 3 a day. We were at the mall and saw a store that had the electronic cigarette. for those of you who don’t know [...]

Cleo asked: So, the electronic cigarette Gamucci, it says it comes with a zero nicotine cartridge. Does this means it’s practically just smoking the water vapor, so it would be completely harmful, that even kids could smoke it? (Obviously I don’t recommend this) but is it? What happens if you don’t put in a cartridge [...]