Danny asked: I am NOT asking about tobacco cigarettes that contain over 4000 chemicals(at least 40 of which are known carcinogens). I am talking about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). Electronic cigarettes are devices described as a “healthier alternative” to smoking. They contain no tobacco and therefore none of the harmful chemicals and no tar. They do [...]

robertjamesfranck asked: I am a smoker and my girlfriend complains about it night and day. I just want to ask, would smoking the Twisp electronic cigarette be a better idea than conventional smoking? I currently smoke Marlboro Filter, and because it is rich, roasted tobacco, it really stinks. Now the Twisp electronic cigarette uses vapor [...]

ElectronicCigarettes asked: Gevonden op www.e-cig.org de elektronische sigaret is een nieuw product dat een tabaksrook bootst door verdampen vloeibare nicotine. Dit is een video van het nieuwste model, de mini elektronische sigaret.

vote and learn asked: Ok, taking fruit flavors out of cigs might help(but doubtful, kids have been smoking for years before that came along(I dont agree with kids smoking but dont act like this is a super great thing) Making the warning label bigger??? Everyone knows that its bad for us. Lower the amount of [...]

Sweet Fairy asked: electronic cigarettes? you know those that only produce smoke but have no nicotine and could help stop smoking. I live in Tampa Fl.Kansieo.com

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