Electronic cigarettes no use open flame or intense heat. The vaporizers which are the core of electronic smoking products are entirely enclosed and rise only briefly to temperatures of several hundred degrees. Far less heat than is generated by the smoldering end of a standard cigarette. Anybody who was been burned by the end of [...]

Were you aware that experts agree it is a proved truth that second hand smoke can be as hazardous to men and women inhaling it within their lungs as smoking is to the individual who indulges in the health hurting habit? Many smokers don’t really believe about this, but it is real! Adults have a course of action if or not to be around those that happen to be smoking and can remove themselves from the situation if necessary. Nonetheless, small children may possibly not have this choice, particularly in the instance that members of their family smoke around them.

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Jamie asked: Have you ever wanted to quit smoking because you were worried about your health and/or the health of the people around you? Well… I recently came across something that has changed my life and I hope that you’ll take the time to try it so it can change your life also. It is [...]