Tobacco, cigarette and nicotine addiction is responsible for nearly 500,000 deaths per year in the USA and almost 5 million worldwide. Realizing early in my medical career that the prescribing of nicotine and dangerous medications for my patients did not work, I developed a science-based, rational, effective and natural treatment that I have prescribed for decades to thousands of patients. I spend a lot of time educating every smoking patient about the science of basic brain chemistry so that they can choose to not become the next to die of cancer, heart and lung disease.

Every year, there are millions of people who select ways to help make certain improvements their lives. One of the most common of these self-improvement choices is to put an end to smoking cigarettes forever. Because of this, dozens of products are being sold to aid these smokers in their desire to quit. CigArrest is among the oldest products in this the continually growing market.

Trooper asked: My boyfriend has been a smoker for the past 3 years. He used to smoke numerous cigarettes a day but now with my help he has cut down to 3 a day. We were at the mall and saw a store that had the electronic cigarette. for those of you who don’t know [...]

jakeludington asked: Video manifestatie van NJOY de technologie van de nicotineverdamping die gesimuleerde het roken ervaring zonder de carcinogenen verstrekt die door tabak in traditionele sigaretten en sigaren worden geproduceerd te branden. TSA goedgekeurd en theoretisch wettelijk om op vliegtuigen te gebruiken. Meer details hier:

M i y u k i ♡ asked: Okay so I’m thinking of getting this item For grandmother on xmas… but I don’t really know anything about smoking… and umm how exactly do you use it? like put the tobacco or stuff in it… and what’s a cartilage? Please please please help me….

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