A person’s appreciation for a good cigar from the vast options of cigars can be likened to his or her like for wines or chocolates. This is as slight variances in flavor are personal preferences. At the same time, all cigar lovers can tell the difference between a quality Cuban cigar and a cigar that is of inferior quality. Given all of the variables involved, there is a series of steps that a person can follow when on the mission to select cigars.

First, a person should note the length and diameter of cigars when going to purchase them. Size is critical as shorter cigars take less time to smoke than longer cigars, which can take over an hour or more.

A third item to look into when in the market to buy cigars is cigar wrappers. Wrappers have to be oily and smooth and not have any stains, molds, or cracks on them. Those coverings that have a darker color tend to be sweeter than those of lighter coverings. Wrappers that are lighter tend to be devoid of any taste. High quality cigars are on average covered in a single giant tobacco leaf.

The types of fillers used in divergent brands of cigars are another element to think about when going to buy them. Overall, fillers that are cut short typically burn in an uneven manner. Bits of the stem and leaf can pop out of the cap and land straight in the smoking cigar person’s mouth. In light of how unpleasant this can be, it is recommended to pick out a cigar that has long and bundled leaves as the cigar’s filler.

When purchasing cigars, a person has to consider how strong he or she would like for them to be as well. Just like areas that are famous for grape growing, tobacco plants that grow in divergent regions tend to form various kinds of leaves. Overall, the absolute best tobacco comes from countries in the Caribbean. In fact, tobacco was first grown in the Caribbean. However, the native plants have presently been hybridized and can thus be grown in other parts of the world.

Last but not least, when purchasing cigars, a smoker should gently squeeze the cigar of interest between his or her thumb and forefinger. It needs to be void of any lumps and spots that are soft. It also has to feel firm overall but not hard. Upon having this and all of the other characteristics discussed, a cigar smoker will be able to light his or her favorite cigar up and enjoy it.

On a concluding note, there are a profusion of things to consider when one is in the market to buy cigars. These include how big the cigars are, their wrappers, the kinds of fillers they have, how strong they are, and the texture of the cigars.

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