If you smoke – or are trying to quit – you’ll want to hear about an exciting new breakthrough, called the Super Cigarette. This product was designed for both the person attempting to safely wean himself off of regular cigarettes, and also those who have no intention of quitting, but also want to be able to indulge in the pleasure without risking their health to do it. Intrigued yet? Read on:

The “super cigarette” is a “smoke-able” plastic device, that’s run on batteries and available in either black or white. The special thing about it, is that it imitates the real thing – without the tobacco.

From the first puff that tickles the back of the throat, to the sweet smoke that’s emitted from the vaporized nicotine when you take a “drag”, it will have you believing you’re puffing on the real deal.

Cravings for nicotine are then satisfied without the risk of poisonous tobacco. What’s more – the unit automatically shuts itself down, as soon as the person is done smoking.

One of the neatest things you’ll find in using the “super cigarette” is, because it contains zero tobacco, you are free to partake of it in all the places that ordinarily shun smokers. And, non-smokers can’t say a thing about that “yucky cigarette smell”, because technically – you aren’t smoking one!

The price is right too. At 49.99, each kit comes with an atomizer, a couple of microprocessor batteries, cartridge holders and five nicotine cartridges containing different levels of product, and a battery pack that has an adaptor attached. This less hazardous way in which to enjoy your vice is almost ten dollars less than you’d pay for a carton of real cigarettes – a carton that usually lasts a person a week, at best. The atomizer is good from two weeks all the way to a full month – depending on how much you use it per day.

All in all, the new Super Mini Electronic Cigarette is a god-send for someone trying to quit smoking, as there’s no longer any need to suffer through “cold turkey” withdrawals. And, for the person who has no intention of giving up their vice, there is now a safer and freer way to enjoy this guilty little pleasure.

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