Cigarette rolling machines can vary widely in price and in quality, but the basic idea is the same. They provide a small, tube-shaped chamber into which you can pack tobacco and then seal.

After you have sealed the tobacco into the chamber, you stick a cigarette tube on the end and a mechanism will cause the cylinder of tobacco to get jammed into the tube.

They’re usually very simple. Some are so easy that the mechanism is simply a plunger on one end of the tube that you manually push so that it forces the tobacco into the tube.

Others have handles that turn to move the plunger, saving you the hard force exertion as well as probably extending the life span of the machine as well.

The manufacturers will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use your particular automatic cigarette machine.

Where to find cigarette rolling machines?

Cigarette rolling machines can be found at tobacco shops, big drug stores, some department stores, and on the internet. They all work, and you also should select one to fit your price range.

The cheapest ones are all-plastic and also require you to slide two parallel parts in the opposite direction, causing the plunger to move the tobacco inside the tube. These are difficult and they can tend to stick, so only go for them if you don’t mind a bit of a inconvenience and if cash is an issue. The most expensive ones are constructed with wood and metal and have more elaborate ways of getting the tobacco inside the tube.

Do not spend your money on a machine which tries to look pretty – it is a cigarette machine. The best are ones which don’t look too fancy, but are easy to use and durable./

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