If you are a smoker you will know all about the different negative health effects it has. There is no avoiding this these days and so you will be fully aware that what you are effectively doing is slowly killing yourself. And yet despite this, millions of people all over the world will fail to quit. This is because cigarettes are highly addictive due to the nicotine in them and this will cause the deaths of thousands of people every year. However, when you do come to the decision to quit you will be faced with quite a task. Here are the steps to quit smoking.

Firstly, you always need to make sure that you have set a date. When you are looking to achieve anything in your life you always need to have goals. In addition to this, by setting a date you will be able to to have your friends and family keep track of your progress as an extra incentive.

Next, always remember about distraction. When you are first starting off you will find that you are thinking about smoking a lot and it is very easy to fall back into if you do not have enough things taking your mind off of it. You should try to keep yourself busy with distractions throughout the day.

Another thing that you should make sure of is that you take a good look around all of your things are make sure that anything that might remind you of smoking is gone. Look through all your drawers and all over the house and you will likely find old cigarettes or lighters around that need to be gotten rid of.

In the same sort of way it is also crucial for you to avoid any places and people that will cause you to gain that urge to smoke. It might be quite tricky avoiding people who smoke if they are close friends of family but they should have the courtesy to not smoke near to you if they know you are quitting. When it comes to different places where you used to smoke a lot these should be avoided at all costs.

As time goes by the addition will begin to fade and you will begin to see that you are starting to save quite a lot of money. One good idea is to save this all up and to treat yourself when you get to a certain level. This will act as a greater incentive for you to carry on with what you are doing.

If you find that you are struggling more that you would like then it might be a good idea to go and get some support. You might consider going to see your doctor who will be able to perhaps give your some anti smoking aids or tell you about any support groups that you could join.

These are a few steps to take it you are serious about quitting. However, when all it said and done in order to be truly successful you need to have a certain level of willpower in order to succeed.

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